How DonateWise increased the conversion rate at – case study

The competition in the e-commerce market is fierce, and the fight for the customer becomes more demanding. Actions to improve the UX (User Experience) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) are becoming more and more important, as they allow you to obtain maximum revenue from each visit to the store. The online store managed to increase its revenues by as much as 19% thanks to the implementation of the DonateWise charity tool. – men’s accessories online store

The James Hawk brand is aimed at men who value practical solutions. Its offer includes products such as wallets, backpacks, bags, belts, and the entire range of the store is characterized by functionality that distinguishes them from the competition. The James Hawk brand is constantly looking for solutions that increase sales. It introduced Apple Pay and same-day delivery very early, and is also a pioneer in pro-social activities based on DonateWise functionality.

DonateWise is a comprehensive charity tool for e-commerce that allows you to transfer the percentage of sales to a foundation chosen by the store, without complicated contracts or implementations.

As part of his e-commerce, James Hawk implemented DonateWise and conducted A / B tests to measure the impact it had on sales. In version B, the product page was displayed without the widget and did not inform about the store’s charity activities. It is worth noting that during the tests, there were no other changes to the store’s product pages.

The 31-day test based on 6656 sessions clearly identified variant A with the DonateWise widget as the winner. This option recorded 19% higher revenues and a 14% higher conversion rate than option B.

Tests performed in the store confirmed the hypothesis that customers expect social involvement in online stores and are more willing to buy products from such sellers.

Greater satisfaction and willingness to buy again

The store also conducted a qualitative survey in the form of an e-mail survey sent to customers after the purchase. In the responses sent, consumers declared that they were 20 percentage points more satisfied with their purchase and 17 percentage points more willing to buy again in the store, when the email contained information about the store donating funds for charity.

The future of e-commerce

The DonateWise tool allows you to quickly and easily join the group of brands that do good. Research carried out in the James Hawk store shows that these are not only image-building activities, but have a real impact on the increase in sales in the online store. Consumers pay more and more attention to the social responsibility of brands and are more keen to choose stores that are active in this area.

We invite you to test the tool during the 30-day free trial period to assess the impact of CSR activities on sales. The registration form is available at this link.

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